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Visakhapatnam,February 3,(
Gopalapatnam District Parishad High School The indoor stadium is being constructed at a cost of Rs. 3.50 crore, while Gopalapatnam Sigah is yet another milestone. From the state level to the national level sports venue. MLA Ganga Babu has commented that the sport will become a hub.


District level sports were held here during the high school golden celebrations. The ministers who came here have noted that the high officials of the public are in favor of the campus. Since then, there has been a strong commitment to the construction of the indoor stadium. The MLA has laid the foundation for Indore Stadium with crores of rupees. The sports cars of this region have come to hopes. In addition to regular sports players learning sports, the locals use the morning walk and exercise.

It stands out in the city for sports cars. In the next six months, the indoor stadium will be completed and will be available to sports cars. Gopalapatnam is already in business commercial tourism. The locals are hopeful that if the Indoor Stadium is available, the other vessel will go to Gopalapatnam Sigu.

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