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Visakhapatnam,February 5,(
"In recent years, the cancer burden is very high, and Uttar Pradesh is competing with them ..." This is a warning from medical experts. Especially doctors are concerned about surplus women who suffer from surgical and breast cancer. The number of patients coming to various private hospitals in the city, including the Cancer Department in KGH and Homemeiba Cancer Hospital, Survival (cervical mouthpiece) and breast cancer is about 50 of every 100 cancer patients.


Survival victims are mostly rural women, while the city's inhabitants are overwhelmed by breast cancer. Experts conclude that childhood, sexual intercourse, more sexual intercourse, more childbearing, and more commonly seen in HIV victims are surgical cancer. Urban women have been diagnosed with breast cancer due to hormonal imbalance. One of the 28 women in the country is a breast cancer victim, while in Uttar Pradesh there is a situation. These include ovarian, pregnant and oral cancer survivors up to five percent.

Unwanted bleeding between periods and periods, experts suggest that women should be suspected if they have to bleed during nirvana and romance during white discharge. While the tumor in the breast, the orange spots on the breast appear, the blood comes from the tips of the spine, and my breasts on top of the breast should be immediately tested for mammography.

Experts feel that such cancers are coming ten years earlier than in Western countries. 30-year-old is undergoing breast cancer, and between 40 and 45 years of age, they are undergoing cancer. About 20% of men have lungs and 15% of the men in the mouth, stomach, esophagus, and gastro-cancer. Oral cancer is the most common woman in the body. People in the rural areas like Adapopa, Madam, and Gutta are becoming victims.

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