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Adilabad,February 5,(
The last government of Laxmipur pond was built at the village of Adilabad Mandalam at the entrance of the farmers to provide them with a better livelihood to the tribals. Officials have announced that thousands of acres will be irrigated. Ten years ago, the reservoir had no water to irrigate the pit. Rs. The cost of crores is not fulfilled. As a result, the farmers do not benefit from the reservoir. Cultivation of crops is tearing in their eyes. Decorated.

The Lakshmipur small water project was built with the aim of providing irrigated land to the fields of Chaddhuaghat, Pandarilothi, Pandariladodi, Anandpur, Nechchighaghat, Cirincoda, Ankoli, Seymour, Sosiigiguda, Thottoli and Lokari villages in Adilabad Mandal. Funding under the JICA scheme in 2009-10, it was laid down in the last government period. The reservoir, which started with the aim of cultivating five thousand acres in the Adilabad mandal agency, does not benefit the farmers today.


Ten years ago, though, the task was not able to reach the desired goal. JICA Scheme Funds Rs. The management of the reservoir of the 2 crores was also disastrous. Prior to ten years ago, the contractor started paying Rs.2 crore to the main, right canal booth, without reinforcing the reservoir. Rs. 50 lakhs were spent on the main canal grafting. These reservoirs were stalled for various reasons. Drains have become invisible with insane trunks and trash. Due to the inadequacy of the work, the drainage of the canal has been exhausted due to the lack of water from the reservoir.
The Government of India has sanctioned Rs.1.30 crore as part of a modernization of reservoirs. Culverts have been constructed on the road from the right canal and pondside road through these funds. Drainage works are now completed to the Cirrinda suburb along with the flyover structure at Nechighaghat. The authorities have taken care of the right canal due to lack of oversight. The water reservoir, instead of farmers, pushes the rain for the monopolists. In the name of modernization often the goal of spending Rs. The pit of the farmers did not knock the land. The farmers' hopes to provide irrigated water for irrigated farmers have not been fulfilled. However, the reservoir has become the source of revenue for contractors. The repayment, the renewal of the money in the name of modernization ... after that, the original goal is not fulfilled,

The Government has decided to circulate in the fields of betting and stopped in the midst of the will. At present, there is a water storage of 40 MCC size. The release of the water can provide water for about 800 acres. The reservoir height is approximately 280 MCC water storage. This water supply is likely to provide about 5,000 acres of water. The government promised to give them land in the country instead of the lost lands and houses, and two bedrooms. The locals say that villagers do not have the objection.

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