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Chittoor,February 5,(
Land problems in the district have created a situation like a universe. Problems are rising day by day. While technology is being utilized, new ones emerge with disadvantages. Applications received from the revenue department in the last three years are 1,97,457. The official figures show that 99.49 percent has been solved. Yet, in the district, revenue conventions and other meetings are coming in the form of piles of revenue problems in the form of petitions. 80% of the applications in the district are revenue.


There are criticisms of the revenue department's performance in the district. The real farmers are the ones who stand up to the lawlessness. Creating unrecorded records .. Transacting the details of the land online .. Assigning government land to those who are entrusted .. The ability to turn the records .. Akkamarikalas to capture government lands. The recent events in the Ramachandrapuram area are evidence of this. Not all the officials are the same but they are the strength of the majority. On the other hand, those who are honestly acting to protect the lands of the state have become distorted.

People allege that the hands of any small person in the revenue department are not working. Even if the technology revenues in the revenue department, it turns out to be their income. The online process of revenue records taken by the state government is becoming a barrier to farmers. There are allegations that the farmers are losing farmers in the field of registration of the land details online. To get a loan from employers, agriculture and welfare departments, to get a loan from banks ... Land records must be registered online. There have been huge errors in registration. It started from entering one's land in another account, entering landless people, and disposing of public lands. This resulted in a large borrowing of loans from banks and banks in various zones such as Nagari, Gaddy Nellore.

On the other hand, the previous government distributed lands to farmers in nine installments. Most of these details are not online. Though the records are okay, the farmers' lands are not registered online. Farmers are moving around the offices of the tehsil since the details of the land are accurate online for loans and subsidy schemes. There are allegations that the price of online registration is based on the value of the local land and the charges have been opened. This line is mostly going on in urban areas and surrounding areas where land prices are high.
In the four years, the government has undertaken a number of activities to solve land issues in the revenue department. In addition to the birth anniversary of Manor, annually, the revenue department for the farmer has been organized by the revenue department in 2015. Last week, two days of revenue officials were taken off. Every Monday, the program is organized by the district headquarters in Chittoor, Tirupati, Madanapalle Revenue Divisions, all Mandalah Tehsil Offices. Over a thousand monthly monthly monthly revenue receipts are available only through revenue department through various programs

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