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Vijayawada, February 5, (
Telangana government has faced a high court in the Relief Controversy of AP Electricity Based Localism. The joint High Court ruled that the three-year-old controversy was over. It was a mistake to reassure employees based on localism. 

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The High Court has stated that it is unconstitutional to have 1200 employees of Andhra Pradesh state. The Telangana government has issued directions to Telangana government employees who are working in Telangana power companies, Transco and Discoms, after partition of the state. The employees were approached by the High Court. The court has previously issued interim orders. The Government of Andhra Pradesh is paying 58 per cent and Telangana 42 per cent of the salaries of the employees ... 

The same thing happened to the court ... The Supreme Court's decision to hear the long-standing arguments on the controversy has been pronounced on Friday. The Telangana government has made a grievance to the High Court. , As well as the amount paid to employees That paragraph also to pay back to the states of Andhra Pradesh. A committee on employees' dispute has been ordered to complete the division process within four months ... If the same is true of the power workers, the Andhra Pradesh state will come from Telangana to 4,000 crore arrears ... Also to achieve ...

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