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Hyderabad, February 2, (
Samrat Talite who worked alongside Anushka in Panchakkarari earned a good reputation. He appeared in the movie Adadapadapada. Now he has married a marital life. Madapur police arrested Samrat became a hot topic in Tollywood. 

                                                         SAMRAT STORY IS WHAT  

A dowry harassment case was filed against him. Charged with an attempted robbery at home But it was a while that the disputes between husband and wife arise. Talking that Samrat had been unmarried and had been addicted to bad addictions, the housekeepers struggled to get out of Samrat. Four days ago ... Samrat was found to be in turmoil on his wife, and Samrat was repeatedly attacked on Monday night. Samrat's wife and madu were arrested and taken to the police station and handed over to the police. Samrat, who was arrested, was granted bail on Wednesday. But it seems that the big deal has been done to file a case against the actor.

The allegations are being made by the police with political pressure. His mother, Jayadevi, alleged that the police had registered a case against his son Samrat with a minister of Telangana. In November, a case was registered under the Domestic Violence Act on the advice of the councilors that his wife was staying in her daughter's residence. The flat also questioned how Trace Passing was going to Samrat on his own. Samrat refused to know how Case cameras were asked. They were accused of political pressure. The question of why politicians were forced to enter Samrat was becoming an elusive question.

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