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Hyderabad, February 2, (
There was a brhutal attack on the outskirts of Hyderabad city. People were terrified when the baby's head appeared on a mansion in Chilakanagar. In the background of the lunar eclipse, there is a suspicion that anyone who sacrificed the baby and performed witchcraft. 

                                                      HELL ON THE ECLIPSE DAY

There is no clarity on the issue of the child's head. It seems that the baby is within the age of one year. The police registered a case against two persons in connection with the incident. The cab driver Rajasekhar family has been rented in the building of a man named Hanuman. On Thursday morning, Rajeshekhar went on to wear a dress on a pathetic baby and found the baby lying there.

he was panicked and told the family members. Immediately they informed the police. The policemen who arrived at the site were checking the surroundings with jaggies. Nangarhar, a householder who went straight to the house, walked into the house with jaggery from the spot. The police are also investigating the case with Narahari and Rajeshekhar.

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