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Kadapa, February 1, (
Thefound I physiotherapy machines n the government hospital are not available, even if they are available. This is due to the absence of experts who can serve them. In the district of Vainam, it is coming to the corner because of the lack of money-buying machines. The situation arises when the government does not appoint doctors. 


The poor are not getting these services to the grapes.Patients suffering from bones, breaks, muscular pains, and patients who suffer from knee pain can be relieved by physiotherapy. Physiotherapy equipment and machinery have been set up in government hospitals to provide these services. It is necessary to provide medical services to hospital patients. Physiotherapy machines have been established in various government hospitals in the district. About Rs. 70,000 to Rs. Specialists should specialize in physiotherapy specialists to perform these tasks. The government set up machinery but completely ignored the concept of physicians.

 It was not until the last year that the doctors were trained to appoint the doctors. In the absence of doctors, No devices work available. Rs. Lakhs worth of equipment. The physiotherapy services in government schools are becoming vines for poor people. Most poor people come to get these services. Those who come are not aware of their services. Private hospitals are forced to resort because of the lack of services here. Of these, approximately Rs 350 to Rs. You have to pay up to 500 rupees. It is not possible for the general public. Only those who have a financial need are exposed to private hospitals. Those unemployed are suffering the suffering. People still want the government to immediately set up the services and get the services available.

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