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Kurnool, February 1, (
The main parties in the state have gone through media and advertising agencies. The ruling TDP and the main opposition parties have taken the campaign of their own parties to concentrate on the privatization of the private agencies. The TDP has hired the Group M, an internationally prominent organization of the campaign.

                                                    MEDIA WAR STARTED IN AP 

YSR Congress party has appointed election expert Prashant Kishore to tactically and politically tactical. At present, the government campaign is allied to the Group of Companies, while the Prabhat Kishore team is doing the whole of Jagan Mohan Reddy's campaign. The election year was decided to give priority to those organizations. Prashant Kishore has been named in the national level for surveys, political parties, allies, and reconciliation. The BJP's election tactics and campaigns were held in the 2014 elections. At the same time, Modi had spoken directly with the threefold effect. In Bihar, RJD and Janata Dal have campaigned. At the same time, the T-MG Group M Media Corporation is also a well-known international organization for carrying out programs in a wider campaign. The world is known throughout the world in terms of economically and publicly. At present, the company is also in the government's favor on behalf of TDP. 

The media team is attending the group on all the programs run by the government. They have been assigned a special chamber in the CMO. For that, their companies spend hundreds of crores. GroupM is doing business over a billion people worldwide. It is debatable that the constituents that are constantly being in the public, and the agencies that are accusing each other to go to the public. There were reports in the press that Prashant Kishore was appointing a contract of Rs 100 crore per annum. He is also campaigning in the national campaign that he is spending much of his money in the international campaign. It organizes public relations and public relations through different agencies rather than Group M. In all the programs run by the government, the companies are directly involved with the information. This campaign was directly supervised by the CM's office.

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