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Nizamabad,February 6,(
The contractors who are doing the jobs of the government are heading towards the side. Political leaders have become an incarnation ... In the name of public works, they are being smuggled and sold to private individuals. However, the relevant officials are looking at the sight of the illegal movement of 15 days from the BC colony in the Kotagiri Mandala center. With the help of JCB, the mall is moved with tippers and tractors. 


In the recent zone, a road construction project is Rs. The government sanctioned a grant of 2 crores. This is going to change. It is also reported that a private gas agency is moving from the Rampur corridor to the construction site. Besides, the Rudrapur Mandalam Sulaimanfarm Gutta Pranam is being touted for private people's house structures at around Rs. It was reported to be selling up to 2200-2500. The authorities are doing the same thing as they are moving in the wrong way. Some politicians have become binami contractors and there is no way to prevent people. It was a threat to the questioning of the questionnaire. Many officials have been asked to question the person's name to the respective officer. The local officials who have to inform the authorities to block the offenses in their area are in violation of the provisions of the law. There are criticisms that the authorities are responding, even though they are informed. The locals want the authorities to respond and remove the smuggling.

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