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Warangal,February 6,(
The farmers' pockets and title deeds are not available for the design of the Dharani website. Days have been extended to the tender for two already. In the next month, farmers have to provide Pasucu. Revenue record checks have already been completed. Once again the observation is underway. But while the tenders are still not finalized, the official administration is making debates.


On March 11, 2012, the papers were distributed to farmers across the state. The senior officials are worried about the child's absence in this direction. Eventually, the farmers are discussing to print the papers in the government printing press. Dharani's website has not yet come up. Information about the matter was taken to the attention of the Chief Minister. It will take a decision within a couple of days. It costs about Rs. 400 crores will be spent. The government hopes to design a website for the purpose of uploading public and private land details. Rs. The estimated cost of 200 crores is estimated by the authorities. The surgeon wants to create nearly 4 crore survey numbers. It will have to specifically set up a computer in the Sabrijitra and Tahsildar offices for its maintenance. At least Rs. From 20 thousand to Rs. Pay wages of 25 thousand. 

The latest information is available to know the trash board. The tender was invited for this year until January 29. No one has filed. Extended February 1 to date. Only two companies have filed technical bids. Including Investment Leasing, Finance Services (IL & FS), other companies have tendered tenders. IL and FS are recognized as eligible. No information is available for another company. At the same time, there are guidelines for at least two eligible companies to tender the tenders if they file bids. This means that revenue officials stopped the process too. The rules imposed by the government also seem to be binding on the bidders. Officials say that the boy was reportedly dropped back. Recently CCLA officials met with Rajiv Sharma, Government Chief Advisor Rajeshwar Tiwari, Special Secretary General of Revenue Department. On this occasion explained the situation of tenders. 

There will be more than 70 lakh passbooks and title deeds across the state. The tenders were invited from bidders till January 22 to print them. But the riders did not get a response. Once again, the date of filing of tenders to one 

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