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Vijayawada,February 13,(
Pawan Kalyan told the Kamal Nath and Telugu Desam what his demands are. Pawan Kalyan demanded the details of the funds allotted by the Center and the way it cost them .. Pawan said he was confused about the details and said that he too is confused about them. Pavan said he would put the details before the True Committee. Pawan's demands will not come out of all the calculations, but the original.


Now how will BJP and TDP know? Is an interesting topic. Since Powan demanded to put all the details of his calculations? Or will the Jansena remain unresponsive to the president's demand? It is an interesting factor. It is the funds allocated to the AP up to date ... The Kamal Nathan made many statements. Apart from the Union Ministers, the state BJP leaders also said different calculations. According to their figures, already large-scale allocations were made and some were going on. The Telugu Desam Party did not respond to those calculations. Two times, TDP chief Chandrababu said, "I have done so far from the center. Babu also announced that he has been funded beyond the special status. But now the TDP chief has been protesting against the allocation of funds. Will Telangana offer details of Pawan Kalyan's demands? Or is it a big priority for the committee formed by Pawan? It is a matter of interest. Pawan's deadline is not too long. The expiry date will end at 15th of this month. Pawan said he was demanding as an ally party leader. There is no reaction to this background from the ruling party!

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