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Vijayawada,February 5,(
The party is in the forefront in the absence of a strong committee despite the four years of the Jana Sangh founded. There is a lack of leadership in the Telugu state from the village level to the state level. There are allegations that they are acting as genocide activists who are in this sequence. While Pawan Kalyan district tours and meetings are being conducted, the dominance of the party has begun. Some activists are stuck in many cases. A leader in Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh was stuck in several criminal cases and it was reported yesterday that another leader of the city of Bhimavaram was detained in Hyderabad in Telangana. Another member of the town of Bapatla in Guntur district recently got involved in another case.


These are the details. A leader from Rajahmehandravuram city is expected to be the Chairman of the Sevagal Women's Jansana Party. She has been a fan of Pawan Kalyan for the past four years in the town of Rajamahendrawaram and in various villages in the rural constituency. Pawan Kalyan and Marishetty Raghaviah felt that she should be taken to the state leadership. The leader of the Bapat, who is aware of these issues, has been approached by a leader of Vijayawada, who created many fake accounts in Facebook with the determination to suppress the female leader of Rajamahendravaar. The leader has started a web news channel in the past with blackmailing many people in Vijayawada and it seems that the website has been closed and the website has gone to Hyderabad. He is accused of choosing social media to threaten many leaders with money and posting them on his own.

 In the process, the leader and the boss of the female leader were allegedly linked to Facebook based charges. In the wake of this, Vijayawada leader has been accused of spilling several unwanted postings on the female leader of Raja Mahadevaras in other fake Facebook accounts. Raja Mahadevara, the woman leader who complained about these matters, complained to the superintend. They lodged complaints against seven Facebook accounts at Rajahmendraviram Prakasamnagar police station. In this case, there were cases registered against Guntur feminist leader and six other leaders.

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