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The straw pulled out of the stomach and pulled the tobacco in the back yard and drank to the neck of a farmer who was engaged in farming work and said that he was not in the pesticide. It is the government's self-centered ideas that transmit them to higher fertilizers and pesticides. All governments are trying to push the farmer into a whirlwind effort. When elections are held, the schemes of the schemes are thrown out of the farmers' votes in view of the upcoming election. The farmers' loan waiver, interest subsidy, crop insurance and input subsidy from about 40 years have not fallen. The rulers who pushed the lands of the poor or the farmer's lands for years have not been able to pay the price of ripe crops this year.

                                              FARMERS NEED PERMANENT RELIEF
The crops are not the root cause of a new crop of crops due to the loss of crops grown to a farmer's crop. Several worries have been raised by the farmers who have long dreamed before the governments. The farmers' families are well-versed in educated youth who are not interested in agriculture. Unlike their elders, they are united and are looking for problems. Those who took part in the agitations of farmers in different states have been in the age of 40. In 2017, many governments have faced farmer concerns. The state governments may bend the necks and get some solutions to their difficulties. Nominal farmer communities now head to movements. Farmers have been left unanswered by the government for supporting prices. Until the farmer's power is controlled by the power system, the government will not turn to the government. The farmers mourned the mourning protest on tomatoes, onions, potatoes, and milk roads in the year that they were protesting for falling prices. The governments are not looking for the ways out of this issue. There are no schemes like debt liabilities, interest subsidies and pandemic schemes. The removal of old government schemes by the government can be solved with the announced minimum support price. The Center and State should take care of the farmers without hitting one another.

In April 2017, the Tamil farmers' issue of monthly protests at Delhi's Jantar Mantar was very popular in the media, but the center was limited to promising guarantees. The Madras High Court directed the government to waive off the loans taken by the cooperative banks. This will benefit over 20 lakh farmers in the state. The farmers' agitation in Uttar Pradesh in Uttar Pradesh gave some relief to the farmers. The state government was unable to bear the Rs 36,000 crore loan. This promise was borne by some of the states that the Bharatiya Janata Party is ruling in. In January 2017, Punjab farmers were pumped on the roads with the price of rice. The farmers in the Daba area have rolled out 500 quintals of potatoes in 15 vehicles on the Kartarpur road. The national highway traffic between Jalandhar Amritsar has been stalled. Assembly polls in February were some of those hardships. Chief Minister Amarender Singh has declared a waiver of the debt to the Congress party's electionassurance. However, the government has also come forward to pay for the extension of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states. The list of farmers 'check collection, liabilities and officials' scrutiny has been delayed and these seven were released by Rs.170 crores in January 7. In the first phase of the 5.63 lakh farmers in the state, 46,000 farmers in 683 co operative societies were benefited. In June 2017 Maharashtra farmers raised concerns about the cost of cost and drought and water. Farmers in Nagpur have been disposed of on the roads, without milk, vegetables and milk from Mumbai. The water supply schemes of Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, 89 lakh farmers who have taken loans from banks for up to Rs. He said the government would be able to get 34020 crores. In 2017, 20 of the 30 districts in Karnataka have suffered enough rainfall or agriculture in 2017. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah canceled the debt of the cooperative bank for a fifty-one in order to withstand the pressure of the state BJP leaders. The Rs 22,165 crore farm loan waiver of the state has come down to Rs 8165 crore in the state. 

The farmers' concern continued for 13 days in the state of Uttar Pradesh in September. Traffic struck at major highways in Bikaner and Sri Ganganagar. The government got down and canceled Rs 20,000 crore farmers debt. Farmers who have been on the age of sixty years have the idea of ​​giving up to Rs.2000 / month per month. In June last year, farmers raised concerns in Madhya Pradesh. Farmers participated in 15 districts in Malwa and Nimad area. Five farmers were killed in police firing in Mandasaur on June 6. The reason for this concern is the lack of price for the onion crop that is in abundance. Onion bags were pumped on roads as merchants were willing to pay two rupees for a kilo rupee. Finally, the government was able to raise Rs. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has been on hunger strike on Bhopal on 11th June to tide over the harassment of farmers. Riots fall.

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