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Nizamabad, February 01, (
Some of the troops and merchants are still struggling with their own gimmick farmers. When they sell crops, farmers are experiencing loss of their livelihood. The benefits of the peasants are becoming a syndicate. In these cases, the onion farmers have suffered serious losses in Nizamabad. Growing the crop at a lower price from farmers and selling profits in the foretold market.

                                                   IN THE MAGIC OF THE TRADERS

In the district the onion cultivation is high in Dichapalli, Indalvai, Darpalli, Mopal, Balchonda, Morad, Velpur, Cirikonda and Arumur Mandal. About 2500 hectares of onion is grown. There are cuts from monthdays. Crop is marketed for 15 days. Initially, the price of quintals was Rs 2,600 per day. The average price is currently Rs. Onion prices have been reduced to Rs 20 per kg for consumers.There are fewer merchants who purchase the onion crop. The crop season has been formed and they are planning to collect the crop at the lowest rate of farmers. This time too, the Nizamabad yard bought a specially privatized market for the traders.

 In the Sarangapur area, a large amount of worms were built and a secret business was launched. Now the farmers are going to go there and sell the merchants to buy in the yard. Onion farmers say that there is a price when the traders say that they have nothing to sell and sell at a low price. The Government and the concerned authorities are looking forward to the need for this issue. The wings are requested to take measures to get the price of the crop grown.

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