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Vijayawada, February 2, (
He went to Delhi and requested the Prime Minister together to report on 17 pages ... new and economically deficit to the state, in all respects .. Every Union Minister went to ... from four years to 42 times went to Delhi ... will be patient and patiently ...

                                      THE BUDGET IS TOO FAR AWAY FROM THE LAKE

 I am an optimist ... uncertainty in the newly formed state is not good, But it's all about the same song, but it's all the way, but the allotment is the same thing ... today's budget, the thing is totally understood ... the railway zone is not mentioned ... but Rs 17,000 crores to Bangalore, next to it ... nothing to pay for the fiscal deficit... A new state, let alone say, The mood of the state mood for Chandrababu ... is ready for equilibrium ... talking to the budget with the authorities ... what happened to the state, what we are asking is analyzing ... talking to the MPs ... come from Delhi, Fixed ... let's discuss together ... we should act on the mood of the people ... if necessary, be ally and parliament Now that the BJP's attitude has come to pass ... Now, this thing goes beyond Chandra Babu ... In Sunday's meeting, Chandrababu put the BJP to the last hope and wants people to fight ... If the Chandrababu does not take the lead, the people will be placed before the BJP necks ... Disagreements on the Union budget are expressed. Majority parties are losing the lip on the budget ... lotus leaders are very good. But Andhra Pradesh is not wasted in the central budget.

 AP split guarantees are not overlooked. As a result, the MPs are discussing how to resign if they resign. TDP and Waikpa MPs are looking for someone who is looking for future activities. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley ignored the Polavaram, Amravati Rajdhani, Vishakha Railway Zone, Division Guarantees and Central Government grants. On the other hand, Telangana was treated unfairly in the same way. With this blow, the TDP-BJP connection will be possible. The argument is that the Finance Minister has taken a decision without the possibility of an allocation

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