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February 22,(
* DA hike - payment from January 1, 2017
* 3.86 lakh beneficiaries are benefited
* Rs. 300 in addition to the gram hawkers
* FISCs in Visakhapatnam and Tirupati
* 42 Infrastructure in Non Amritsh
* Additional posts in ACB have been approved for recruitment
* Industrial Park in Srikakulam district
Decision on ministerial conference

Minister for Information, Public Relations and Rural Housing and Construction Affairs Kallava Srinivas said that the cabinet has decided to grant a feasible fare to state government employees. The first floor of the 1st block of Secretariat was held on Wednesday morning by a meeting of the Cabinet chaired by Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. After the conclusion of the meeting, the cabinet meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers in the 1st block was moved. The decision was taken by the DA to increase the rate of 24.104 percent from the 22.088 percent to the state government employees. The increase in the amount of 2.096 percent will be paid by January 1, 2017. The DA will increase from 132 to 136 percent for the UGC scale. This increase will benefit 3.86 lakh employees. Similarly, a decision has been taken to temporarily raise Rs 300 per month to revenue recruiters. The famine allowance will be paid in cash along with the monthly salary of the month of March 1, which will be held on April 1 this year. The old balances will be credited to the employee's GPF account, the retirement of employees and Contributory Pension Scheme employees will be increased from March to December. The increase in fare hike was estimated at Rs 69.91 crore per annum and Rs 838.87 crore per annum. It would be Rs 6.57 crore per annum for Rs. The two will be burdened by the Rs 845.44 crore government. The Navya Engineering Engineering Company, which paid out the old rates for concrete works in the Polavaram project, has sanctioned Rs 1244.36 crore sanction for the sanction of the cabinet.


The AP Economic Development Board (APEDB) has approved the draft bill giving autonomy to self. The minister said that the bill that would give autonomy to the board would enable the investors to remain unsubstantiated from investors in the state. According to the AD EDB Act 2018, the Bill was created to provide self-esteem to State Investment Promotion Board (SIPB) and State Investment Promotion Committees.

FECs in Visakhapatnam and Tirupati
 The Cabinet decided to allow the GMVC Commissioner to allocate 2.7 acres on the lease basis to the SPI Cinemas Private Limited (Developer) for the formation of the Family Entertainment Center (FEK) in the area of GVMCC (Greater Visakha Municipal Corporation). The lease form is Rs. He said 4.284 crores would be required to pay the least amount of 5 percent per annum. The project is being implemented in PPP mode. 25 crore to complete the contract in two years. The AP Tourism Corporation (APPDC) basically said it would be a tourism project, risking its costs. The decision to allow Tuda Vice Chairman to allocate 3.72 acres on the lease of 33 years in the Annamayya circle for the creation of FEK in Tirupati Urban Development Authority (TUDA). The lease form is Rs. In order to pay 3.265 crores, the lease will be increased to 5 percent per annum. He said the project would be completed in two years with the project costing 25 crores.
Convention Center at an area of 23 thousand square feet, 80 thousand sq.m. Aims Theater will build a 3-star hotel with 6 Multi Flex Screens, featuring food courts and a commercial complex in the area. In this project, the CE has suggested that more rooms will be constructed than the rooms they have proposed. Its expenses are also being carried out as a tourism project by risking APPDC.

42 Non-Amritsh Infrastructure
The cabinet has decided to appoint Public Health and Medical Engineering as a Single Implementation Agency for all projects under the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) under X-linked Aided Projects. The project aims to provide infrastructure facilities to 42 non-amruth towns in the city and Rs 4,188.71 crore has been sanctioned for the project. The state government will have to pay Rs 1,116.99 crore, the municipal corporation's expenditure of Rs 465.41 crore and expansion of ex-firms Rs 2,066.31 crore. The project will be under the Andhra Pradesh Urban Water Supply and Separation Management Improvement Project (APWWSSIMP). Appointment of AP Urban Finance and Infrastructure Development Corporation as Nodal Agency,

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