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The Karimnagar constituency is comprised of Karimnagar Mandal and Ramapada Mandal in a Choppy constituency with a total of 99 villages in the segment. The trillion works here for a few days. Adding water through pipelines to up to 50 villages. 

                                                        SUPER FAST BHAGIRATHA 

In other villages, the work is going on. As the trailer is successful, the tasks will be speeded up to provide drinking water to the house by completing pipelines in the range of villages.This segment will provide drinking water through 66,000 villages within Hussnabad, Mankondur and Huzurabad constituencies through LMD. In this case, 36 villages in Mankondur and Timmapur have been completed by a trillion. In the first week of February, the train will take place in 582 villages within the three constituencies. Other motors are in place to keep the motors needed to send water through pipes.There are 248 villages under the Rupugundam limestone. The train will take place in February. In the month of January 25, the pilot will be completed, but it will be completed by January till the end of January. The segment will be covered by 347 villages of Manthani and Bhopalapalli constituencies. From here, Bhanhangpur Intake via has completed the pilot project to pump water through the Kannampettu drainage center to reach 8 villages. Other areas are going on. In some areas, the trials are completed and completed in February. Accelerating the motors tightening.

Similarly, the mission of Bhagirathi to provide drinking water to 197 villages in Dharmapuri constituency in Koodala, Jagathala and Dharmapuri segment is still under Karimnagar SE circle. Here are the trials carried out in March. Once the trials are completed, the water is drained through the pipelines so that they can get water in the village and send water to the drinking water tank in the villages. The Village Water Supply Department has been responsible for providing water to the villages after sending water through Mission Bhagirathi to villages. The department operates the activities in villages. With the speed of mission machine speed, the rural water supply department is also likely to get water on the door if it gets to speed. The focus is on improving the speed of these works.

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