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Kurnool,February 2,(
Power supply to drinking water supply schemes has been suspended due to non-payment of electricity dues in Nandikothkur, Nandikottukur, JuppiBankula and Pagadi Mandal areas in Nandikottukuru constituency. For some time, the power department officials have asked the sapphards to pay the Rs 3.29-crore electrification in 12 panchayats in the Zubairbungla Mandal. 11 gram panchayats in the month of November and December were paid Rs.10.80 lakhs for the gram panchayats. The power department has been asked to pay the dues from the 14th Finance Commission for grant of electricity to the gram panchayats. It has already been paid two times and how the villages have been paid for electricity bills count Ovalani they ask.


However, the power department officials warned that recent increases would not be cut if the electricity was not collected, and the department had stopped supplying drinking water supply schemes in the gram panchayats that did not pay the dues or dues. Rs 22,99,781, Toodicherla Rs 27,93,431, Bhaskarpuram Rs.7,75,465, Mandalam Rs 28,61,511, Thangadana Rs 19,24, 493, in the village of Parmanchala village in the mangoes. Rs 23,03,679, Rs 23,00,049 and Rs 11,15,325 respectively, Rs 28,04,711 for Tarigopura, 80 bannur Rs 2,181,446, p Lighthouse Rs 5,89,153, juprobunga Rs1 , 10,55,518s, of which there are electric arrears. Sarpanchs have so far paid only Rs 10,82,000 bales in two installments. 

In the villages of Thangadana, JuppiBangla and Mandalem villages, the sapphils paid electricity to the authorities did not discontinue power supply. EPRDD Mohammedhaneef said that P.Ligagupuram village sarpanch has not been paid the paise electricity bill so far. Gram Panchayats have been financed by the 14th Finance Commission and the District Panchayat Raju officials have purchased cellphones for computers, dust bins, trichikal and panchayat secretaries without the involvement of the sapphards. Funds were allocated for the drinking water, sanitation and road construction. Seraphs are concerned that they do not have enough funds to pay for electricity bills from now.

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