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Hyderabad, February 2, (
The rate is higher. Wasting time. Overall, the metro rail is a reflection of the people. As a result, Metro train passengers were reduced in Hyderabad. In some of the first days, I was very excited to see. But the month has been somewhat reduced. Within two months the original population was gone. The number of Metro train passengers fell to 70 thousand. 

                                           METRO PASSENGERS REDUCED BY HALF

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is very important and has started the Metro Rail too. But in the first week, crowds traveled in lakhs. In the original train, the passengers were cracked. On average, traveling to a maximum of 15,000 people per day. And now that number has dropped half of it. It is not a situation where this train trip is a wonderful experience. The ticket prices are high and the train is not available on all the routes. The train is being taken to look for a lot of fun, but the real needs are less likely to be. The Metro train in Chennai will not exceed 25,000 people per day.

 But in Hyderabad, there is more than 70 thousand. Employees are not very interested in traveling on the move because of the burden of the bulls. The MMS train is mostly used by passengers. From 7 April, we have not yet received permission to increase train speed. There are arrangements to run a six and a half hour train on Miyapur and Nagol. Now on the way to Miyapur, there is an 8-minute train running on Nagol route every 15 minutes. There are not yet people who are expecting.

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