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Hyderabad,February 28,(
Three budgets have been completed since the formation of Telangana state. The fourth budget duration is to be completed by the end of March.What are the goals of the TRS Surakar targets in this order?What are the people's aspirations fulfilled?Many facts come to light.Particularly TRS SARKAR has not spent more than 75 percent of the funding in any of the first three budgets proposed.By the end of January, the total amount of Rs 49,520 crore was allocated for the Rs 87,565 crore. all the allocations, it was 62 percent.The new budget is coming in for another month.It is clear that the government has not received the expectations this time.In this order, budgeting is to be declared fairly... After that, the cost of spending is only to fall The matter is that it has become a reality.On the other hand, allocations for various schemes are great, but some of them have become more sensitive to the programs.For example, considering the liabilities of the agriculture department, the loan has been done in the last three budgets.An amount of Rs 4,250 crore was released annually.


At the same time, the sarkar did not care about the farm stocks of farm rice, agricultural equipment on subsidized farms, greenhouses, polyhouses, livestock farmers, compensation for the victims, and suicide victims.On the other hand, the Dalits, minorities and weak people have been allocated more than 25 percent of the budgetary allocations for self-employment schemes.Even though the government claims that over a million Dalits have benefited from these schemes during the three years, the fact that their number is not over 20 thousand is undeniable.In addition, the large-scale accumulation of payments to various sectors and departments has also become a tremendous treasury.Rs 15,000 crore for power companies, Rs 3,000 crore for civil supplies, Rs 2,000 crore for fee reimbursement and Rs1000 crore.In this way, the total amount of Rs 25,000 crore has been repaid.In addition to the diligently declared Dalits, the mudra land, double bedroom houses, kegi two pc allotment schemes and their implementation is same as in the past.Chief Minister KCR said during the first budget that Rs 50,000 crore would be allocated in five years for each of the Dalits' welfare.Accordingly, we have to allocate Rs 40,000 crore in four budgets so far.But Rs.32,000 crore has been allocated for Rs 18,000 crore.Rs 20,040 crore for works under Gram Panchayats and Rs.12,143 crore for Mandalas and Rs 32,210 crore for our works under our scheme.But now the scheme is wasted.

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