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Mumbai,Feb 28,(
For a period of seventy hours of uninterrupted thrill The Dubai Police opened.Dubai's public prosecution ending with Sridevi's death (case).The case was passed by the law but no relief from the millions of Sridevi fans."Sridevi died in an accident at Bathtub when he lost his consciousness.Now, this case is closed.According to the forensic report, the Dubai police and Dubai public prosecution was investigated, "the Dubai Media Center said on Twitter.Thus, the conspiracy and the suspicions of the public in the United media on Sridevi's death.Dubai police got approval for family members to bring India to a physical felicity when the Sridevi case was closed.They departed from Dubai airport to Mumbai on a special flight.Bonny Kapoor and his son Arjun Kapoor and others are on the plane.The flight will reach Mumbai on Tuesday night.The family members said in a media statement that Sridevi will be cremated on today.Thanks to all those who stood up for hard times.After bringing the first physical home to the nearby Celebration Sports Club.The visit was made to people from 9.30 am to 12.30 am on this day.Then the ultimate yatra started at two o'clock.The funeral was held at the Parish Seva Samaj Hindu crematory at about three and a half hours in the afternoon.


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