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Nirmal,February 26,(
In the Nirmal district, the forest area is being destroyed recently. cut down the trees and moving the valuable timber.The respective faculty is increasing the safety but there is no use.thugs are changing their ways and exploiting the nature.Irregulars are choosing the take will be coming on news channelsNews will be coming on news channels.Because the thick forest in the damage range is dwindling.There are also valuable teak trees falling without an address.Slightly teak sticks have already disappeared from the smuggler's axe.On both sides of the Nirmal-Mancherial road, there are bald teaks.The trees are cutting with axe will be late .so smugglers are using the tree cutting equipment are using.Locals say that they are also taking too many pieces. 


Near the Dharmayipeta four teak trees in one place smugglers cut these trees.Two other trees near there The trunks were found to be taken with a chainsaw.Moving the trees next to the road There is suspicion of the performance of security personnel.There is widespread criticism for not being able to protect the trees.Some people are criticizing the staff is helping that irregular.

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