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Adilabad,February 26,(
Telangana Sarkar has increased the speed of work by connecting various programs with the Internet. Made the public distribution system online. The Internet is working on expanding the facility to more sections. In the backdrop of this, Internet cable works are progressing in Adilabad district. The mission is currently underway. The cable works will soon be taken up by the villages. The Internet cable has been installed along the MainPipe lines. The cables for the rural areas have been prepared. Fibre cable works are likely to be out late in June. By December, the authorities are making arrangements to provide broadband internet services to the home. The internet is available to schools, hospitals, and other government offices for free access to the Internet.


Digital classes are already in schools. But they are not fully implemented. In some schools are facing the signals problems. If the services are available to all rural areas, the classes will not be interrupted. Internet facility will be provided for basic health centers in rural areas. The connection from the respective centers is linked to major hospitals. This allows for better medical care with the possibility of sharing medical information with health clinics in hospitals. Schools, health centers, and other government agencies will be charged free of charge from residential houses. All the villages will be able to improve technology by the end of December. Not all of the states are in the forefront in the field of development, but also in the technology sector, the government is doing a lot of effort.

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