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Guntur, February 26, (
In 2010, the government distributed computers to secondary schools, intended to create public schools in favor of corporate schools. The children's parents are happy that the poor students receive computer education. While computer education in government schools is four and five years old, it has not yet become a grapple for students without computer education. The rulers say that the technology that rules the world is taken into remote villages and transforming the country into a digital one is contrary to schools.


Students of private schools are in a state of computer education if public school students do not even know what the computer is like. Computers distributed among seven high schools in the last four years and five years have been found. Depending on the number of students, 7 to 11 computers are assigned to each school, a printer, and a generator. There are computer educators until 2013. They were paid Rs 3 thousand to 4 thousand rupees per month. They did not attend the duties as they did not pay a half pay for the teachers in 2014. This resulted in computer education for students. With the advent of computers over the years, they are now stabilizing. Faced with all the tests in today's competitive world, poor students will be faced with difficulties. Parents and public leaders want the government to take adequate measures to make sure that the higher education is available to students who study in public schools so far.

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