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Adilabad, January 11, ( there is a little bit, the vacant lands are a day off. It is not just the government space, but the grounds of God's earthquakes. There are criticisms that this type of impropriety is in the joint Adilabad district. The locals are dissatisfied with the indifference of the respective authority to the suspension.

The Revenue Department officials are unable to effectively identify the details of the lands in which the Kabbja lands were done recently. There are 3,563 acres of total 111 temples in the district. Hundreds of acres of land are being cultivated every year by the invaders. According to old records, the requests for reverting the divine mantras to the name of their respective temples came from revenue groups. Thousands of acres of land are caught in the kabja prasadam, or in many temples, there are no incense and lamp offerings. They continue with donations and donations that are just offering devotees.

There are 1,250 acres of land owned by the temple priests. The 1,259 acres of agricultural land at the oldest Gopalakrishna Mutt Mandir in Adilabad town is located in Gomsi village in the Kelapur taluk of Yavatmal district of Maharashtra. Including 500 acres of land in 1,054 acres of land unaccounted. There are only 554 acres owned by the Divya Department. The Divine Department loses huge revenue due to the landslide. As such, the authorities have approached the Devil Tribunal regarding the land of encroached lands. The cases continue to exist despite the old records and the gazette clearance of these lands, which belong to the Divine Department. The Divine Office is clear that no one is willing to give up one of God's belongings. Already, 345.28 acres of 38 temples have been taken out of the revenue department and have been trying to do the rest.

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