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Yadadri, January 11, (   Ration shops .. the irregularities are not .. the beneficiary does not take rice .. records have been recorded in the kangras ... bogscards to the poor for kalu rupee rice .. blackmarket passing shops .. on several occasions in the police inspection. Payintaph to deliver the goods to the sale (e-pass) in the case of the goods distribution.The main objective of the government is to create e-pass machines in every ration across the state to prevent the supply of rice to bogus card holders by establishing e-Pass missions in ration shops.
                CHEK FOR ILLEGALS

As well as delivering advanced electronic electing machines without cheating customers in the dock. In January, the e-Paw system was to be implemented in Adadabhavinagiri district. These pass machines are provided in ration cards in the district. This will be implemented from Nallagonda and Suryapet districts since February. The officials are expected to check the irregularities of ration dealers.
Unless the rationale of distribution of ration material is not possible, the supply of commodities in january from January to January is part of the e-Paw system in retail stores across the state. In the district, 461 ration shops will be provided by e-passing machines. Even though the oasis software company that has contracted to set up tariffs in the ration turntables has supplied all the machines to all the shops, it has been delayed when filling up the stores.

The Yatadri is equipped with only about 260 stores in the district of Bhubaneshi. There will be more than 201 stores. Oisis Software's sixteen technicians are setting up these machines at 10 stores a day. However, officials said the full range of machines would be completed till January 25. But the e-passing machines are not enough to keep the goods in the fridge.Technological problems in the e-pass system are causing problems to the dealers. Several dealers have reported that the signals in the remote rural areas in the districts of Thurakapalli, Rajapetta and Mochukur in the district have improved technical problems.

Previously connected to Aadhar kaadas for ration cards, the ration card holder is based on fingerprint based e-pad machines in the bio-metric system and collects fingerprints. Fingerprints in the Aadhaar card .. Fraudulent e-Paste machine has a fitting number of fingerprints, as the ration card holders say. The beneficiaries of the newly launched Aadhar centers are once again connected to their fingerprints. Since Sankranti festival is approaching, there is an uncertainty about whether rice is distributed in all zones.Each user is connected to the fingerprint with an e-pass machine. After the procedure is completed, the beneficiary will not be able to distribute the rice unless it comes fingerprint. By using the latest technologies, we will provide rice to the beneficiaries with a definite supply of money. The passing machine receives the receipt if there is accurate tuning with the Waying Mission, the E-Pass connector with Bluetooth. If the fingerprint does not succeed, the cheat does not get a receipt.

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