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Amravati January 11 (    "Our birthplace is an innovative program in the country, a great model for other states. Chief Minister Shri Nara Chandrababu Naidu said, "The power and authority of the public and the public has never been in the past," said Nair. The ten day birthday from his residence was held on Thursday by teleconferencing. We have learned a lot of these ten days and all the lessons learned to do the documentation properly, and this information was intended to guide the future. Kindness of the 5th installment without any kind of confrontation is congratulatory. The responsibility of taking this spirit to the next level is the official authority. "In the past there was a disadvantage among the people against the authorities and public representatives.

People clap their hands in the gram sabhas. Now there is an advantage over the officials and the public representatives, which is a revolutionary change and this spirit should continue, "Chief Minister Chandrababu said." The speed at the start of the negative campaign is high. Positive propaganda slowly rises slowly at the beginning but slowly gains momentum. Chief Minister Chandrababu praised as "a big victory." The participation of 60 lakh people in 10 days in the gram sabhasavam is truly the chief minister Chandrababu for a miracle of democracy and democracy. In these 9 days, ration cards have been issued to 1,71,447, and pensions have been renewed to 1,00,635. He added that there were 15,725 clinical trials for 12 lakh people. He said 13,72,000 cattle were treated in 23,991 veterinary clinics. Health camps and veterinary camps were satisfied with the success.

The rural sports and cultural programs have expressed their frustration. In 9 days 9,92,000 petitions were received, of which 8,51,000 were loaded and 3,06,000 complainants had been identified. Officials told the Chief Minister that 2,60,000 on hawsing, 1,98,000 on civil supplies, 1,45,000 in revenue and 1,45,350 petitions for pensions. The Chief Minister directed all the complaints to be done quickly and to be entitled to justice. On the 9th day of the referendum, 68% believe 68% of births are useful for rural development, and 71% are satisfied with the surveys on veterinary camps; Explains what the 9 day ajils are leading, what are they left behind, what zones, villages, Chandranna insurance is satisfied with 71% of the people and 68% of the pensions are satisfied. "Today's mega-grinding mela will have to be successful. All the BC bosses and bankers who are attending the Mega Grounding Mela are congratulating all. Participation in community development is a blessing. In this mela, 2 lakh assets are being distributed, which is inspirational in the country. 

There are 1,74,400 banking and 37,694 non banking. The beneficiaries are required to take loans from banks. Self-employment with loans, and repayment should be done properly, "he said. The funds should be funded from the respective departments to solve the complaints. Congratulations to tractors by panchayatraj for sanitation in villages. Representatives of local organizations, members of the birthplace committee and the Empowered Allies should work together. Every month, we will meet on the development of the village and conduct a review. "Chief Minister Chandrababu has demanded recognition and respect for those who provided special services in the fifth installment," he said. Best Village, Best Ward, Best Mandal, Best Municipality, Best District Awards, Best Empowerment and Best Nodal Officer Awards. Awards are also to be announced online. All the attendees wanted to see the guests as guests and send them for meals. There is no public partnership in any village where the development and welfare and lack of participation are due to the lack of political leadership and the authority to analyze and report the report. In this teleconference, Government Advisor Sri Parakala Prabhakar, Welfare Department, Real Time Governance, Planning Department officials SS Rawat, Ahmed Babu, Sanjay Gupta, Collectors, Nodal Officers and Public representatives participated in various districts.

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