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(  Superstar Krishna Hero Superhit movie 'Asadhuyudu' completed 50 years. The film was produced by Nellore Kantharao and S.H. Hussain on Tiger Productions banner directed by V.Ramachandra Rao on January 12, 1968. Superstar Krishna made the movie 'Spicy 116' which is a good image. He has done 100 per cent justice to the character of 'Asadhudayudu'. Crime is a film made in the background, but the novelty of the story gets a great success.

 The film 'Anthudayudu' has brought a new trend in the film.'Allure Seetharama Raju' is the film
Director Ramachandra Rao created a bamboo special for this film. The super star Krishna starred as Aliuri Seetharama Raju and was seen by everyone in the film. The desire to play the role of Krishna was earlier. It was further strengthened with the bale in the film. The story of 'Alluru Seetharama Raju', which was created by history, can be said to be the bale in the film 'Aspindu'.

First Sankranthi MovieKrishna's first release of 'Sankranthi' The film was released on January 12, 1968 and the Sankranthi Sentiment began with Krishna. The film is introducing the famous photographer VSRaswamy through this film.Superstar Krishna said, "After the release of 'Asghatyudu', 50 years after the release of 'Asghatyudu', It was the first release of Sankranthi. I acted as Aliuri Seetharajraju in a 15-minute bale. Since then Alluri Seetharama Raju has a desire to push a full picture. Ramchandra Rao is the director of this movie. Later, he was selected as the director of 'Alluriyetaramaramaaraju'.
Superstar Krishna, KR. Vijaya, Ramakrishna, Balakrishna, Nellore Kantharao, Ravikondala Rao, Perumals, Santosham Kumar, Ramakrishna (Mr. Madras), Rajarao, Vallam Narasimha Rao, Osar Anjaneyas, Balaraju, Vasanthiri, Sadhithari, Rama Prabha, Tiji Kamaladevi, Jyothi, Udayalakshmi, Laxmikandamma, Padmaalatha, Kothishwari, Vijayalakshmi, Baby Rosa Ramani starring, guest stars Chandramohan, Prabhakar Reddy, T. Chalapathi Rao is cast.

The story, dialogues: Aaradra, songs: Aaradra, Sri Sri, Narayana Reddy, Dasarathi, Music: Tatineni Chalapathi Rao, Photograph: VSR. Swami and dances: Hiralal, Pasumarathi Venugopal, Chinni Sampath, Art: Rajendra Kumar, Composition: AS Prakasham, Producers: Nellore Kantharao, SH. Hussain, directed by: V. Ramachandra.

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