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podhalkur, January 11, ( 
State Agriculture Minister Somireddy Chandramohanan Reddy said schools would be developed with three hundred and forty-eight crore rupees in the state. He participated in our village house on Thursday in Puthalakuram. In this, Sarvepalli constituency has been allocated Rs 40 crore. These funds will be provided with infrastructure in all the schools of the state. Eleven lakh rupees have been allocated for each Anganwadi Center building and construction work is going on. In the Nellore district, sixteen hundred crores of rupees have been sent to drinking water for tender. In this amount, Sarvepalli constituency is going to spend Rs.90 crore. Each government has the goal of providing public water to their home

So far, Rs. 7,00,000 crore is in the state. In the third installment, the release of Rs three thousand six hundred crores has been released, including a release of six hundred crores. The tenders are called for construction of R & B roads with a cost of Rs 30 crore in the district. Chandranna Insurance has been applied to two crore twenty lakh people in the state. NTR Health SRI has been included in various diseases. In three to four months, the houses will be distributed to the poor. Kandalar said that under the canal of the left, twenty five thousand acres of water is being planted. He also said irrigation water is sixty six thousand acres under the Kanupur Canal.

 Farmers in the paddy fields are likely to grow crops like Delta. As a result, farmers' assets have gone up. The water tree works have been completed in the district with a thousand crore. The last governments have developed in ten years and said that their government has developed just three and a half years. He said that the government is entering various welfare schemes to finance the poor. The Minister has given a check of Rs 4 crore to the lenders for the savings loans. Childs for pregnant women, and small children have been sponsored by the minister's hands. The farmer has been handed over farmers to farmers.

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