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A five-year non-interest loan to Muslim youth

Chittoor, Jan 6, ( Congress Party president YS Jaganmohan Reddy emphasized that the aim of the welfare schemes is to provide all the poor through navaratna. He participated in the Minorities Conference held in Kollur, Punganoor constituency on Saturday as part of the public gathering. Sub Plan will be taken for Muslims in the upcoming public government. Let's look at the guarantees given to Chandrababu Minorities. Unemployed youth would be given Rs 5 lakh as interest free loans. The loan facility is through minority corporation. Said he would provide financial viability through the interest-free Islamic bank. Free education from KG to PG. Did any of these be fulfilled? Jagan had questioned. State development in the Chandrababu regime of four years has been hiding. At this point we need an effective rule. Chandrababu is a person who has lost credibility in politics. The leader is the late leader Rajasekhar Reddy. As a great heir, he will go to the Lord for the well-being of the people. That is my ultimate goal, "Jagan said. Chandrababu has been offered in each election page in his election manifesto. Chandrababu is a researcher of how to make people of all classes. The guarantees are not fulfilled and the person who has been questioned is tailored to the taila tatita. It is here that Chandrababu's original form is revealed, YS Jagan said. Chandrababu fraud is clearly visible in each of these. Give blessings of God and your blessings and advice on what to do if our government comes. YS Jagan said he would explain what the YSRCC should have done before.
 One of the main problems of poverty is the one. Read the kids. If the fees are in lakhs, the Chandrababu Government is fraudulent in the name of reemerment. When festivals come up, Chandrababu love them on their respective religions. But true love I say is Vindu Chandra Babu .. No matter how much money it is to ensure children's education is the true love. That's it. Jagan said that he would not even read them.

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