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Kurnool childhood

Kurnool, January 8, ( of employment laborers have migrated here from other districts in the family to work in red brick factories. Many families have migrated to the villages of Kuttakuru, Thadakanapalli, Bastipadu and Muttakuraku. They are tailoring tents with tents. This makes the child's life better on the fields. Several children have already been killed and have been killed after they are already working in brick factories. There are criticisms that the government, the officials and the public officials claim not to practice unless they are preventing the farmers from taking migrants. Hundreds of farm laborers from different parts of Kurnool district, including many districts in the state, have not been employed in their areas and are living in the family of migrant families, farmers and real estate ventures in Kallur area. Their children are being taken away with their children. The laborers are engaged in their work from 7am to 7pm. Their children are far from educated. Particularly, 0-5 years old children are sick and are sick. And while some kids are studying classes 3, 4, and 5, their parents will be able to go along with their parents in their childhood. While the central and state governments are releasing crores of rupees for employment in their own villages without the migrant farmers, the relevant authorities have been delaying to provide employment. The laborers have expressed their disappointment that wages are not paid after their employment in their villages. At least four months of migrants are going to work here because they do not have jobs in their areas. Until then, the children are far from educated. Only after returning to their own places, we will send them to schools. So the relevant authorities respond to the need to educate and educate the children of migrant laborers from other regions.

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