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The mother who killed his mother for cash

Ongole, January 8 ( sweet feeling in the call of Amma is hidden. She is the coolest child for any child. The mother is a different kind of madness than a child. Such a mother kanibidade katpppppapped. He was killed along with his girlfriend.  All the kisses and the grown-up son became the mother of the mother. The husband of Doda Subba Ratnam alias Subbulatma of Dalitvada died a few years earlier. His only son, Ranjith Kumar, was able to protect the eye. The son had a good relationship with Ranjith but also married .But the son went to his wife, including the children, in slavery to the evil addictions. Ranjith Kumar 's mother, who had a marriage with local woman Mani, started off day after day. Ranjith, who realized that she had Rs 2 lakh in the bank account, would kill her two lakhs. The mother of the ragi came out of the racket. However, the mother was not dead and Ranjith's daughter, who was more curious, kills her mother with a stroke. After that, he died in the illness. But the rumor was confined to the villagers by informing the police that the original thing was exposed.

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