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Land problem for water

Nalgonda, Jan 9 ( Telangana government has decided to build Gandhulla and Bastar Reservoirs as part of the 15 and 16 packages of the Godavari river in the form of Telangana Livelihood Kaleswara Project, The government intends to provide irrigated water for nearly two and a half acres of water. Some of the areas in Nalgonda along with Adadri Jilla will benefit from the construction of these two reservoirs.
However, the land acquisition for these reservoirs goes back a step further. Rehabilitation mechanism has been facing many difficulties as expatriates are concerned that after the rehabilitation the land is needed for aquifers. This is a situation where revenue officials do not even survey the field. The expatriates expelled from the referendum, which the government had earlier set up for reservoirs. People in thorny villages are openly exposed by the authorities to support land acquisition work if they get better compensation.

Under the 15th package of the Kaleshwaram project, the Turppalli Mandalam will be converted into a reservoir of the Gandhamala pond. The government has decided to increase the number of existing 0.3 TMCs to 9.7 tmcs. Rs. 825 crore will be spent. Nearly four villages in Gandhulla, Indiranagar and Veera Reddipally gram panchayat are under complete scrutiny under the reservoir. According to the official estimates, the total number of 3,472 acres of land will be damaged and 1,625 acres will be surveyed by the revenue officials in the first phase. 2,843 acres of farmers in 3,472 acres of perennial crops.
The forest land belongs to 239 acres while the rest is assigned, the government land. But there are obstacles to the authorities from the public for survey activities at the field level. Residents of the Gandamulla reservoir are demanding that the survey should be done only after the compensation has been announced. They want to pay for land, land, or open market and pay a home job. Otherwise, they are going to be angry. Revenue officials have not done any survey of the field so far.

The Bastar Reservoir will be constructed under the 16th package. The reservoir will be constructed with an estimated cost of Rs. 1700 crores with 11.39 tmps capacity. While 3,977 acres of water is being damaged in the reservoir, the government decided to build a tsunami water tank as a low water reservoir. By this time, the officers under the authority of 123 Givu collected 507 acres. The High Court did not collect one acre in so far as it was halted. However, the Revenue Mechanism has decided to survey 2,658 acres of land in the first phase of construction of the project, but no progress has been done till now.
If the people of the villages and the farmers have a definite assurance of compensation, they do not have to do what the authorities are doing when they demand that land acquisition be done. Bhubaneswar Mandalam Thimmapur is totally upto 80% of villages in Bastarpur and Vadaparti, Thurakapalli Mandalam Rupastur, Yadagirigutta Mandalam Jangampalli, Choughlanayakthanda and Lakshminaak HADs are partially damaged. The people of Muvambu villages are demanding to reduce the water supply of the project.

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