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Hyderabad, Jan 10, ( Maps provides new good news for passengers. Google Maps brings another new feature that will enable stop-stopers to stop while waiting for train and buses. A notification comes before the stop is reached when traveling through this feature.

 This feature is introduced by Google Maps with Step by Step Directions. The information will be available until the end of December. The time and reach of the destination route map is available to us while we were on the bike, car, and foot. There is no feature available for travelers in the course of the journey. This step by step directions indicates the list of songs at the time of travel, sleeping, and remembering the stops at the other end of the work, the Google Maps Technical Sucheta Kulkarni blog said.

This feature will be made available to Android and iOS users. For the first feature, you must log in to Google Maps and enter the destination details. You need to turn on track to choose the root and the desired stop. From then on we are in the area and we can see how far the stop is. We get a notification before we have two stops for the stop.

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