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14 thousand bunkers around El OC

New Delhi, Jan 8, ( central government has intensified efforts to prevent damage to the Kashmiri people from any threat to Pakistan. Eloise decided to build more than 14 thousand bunkers in several villages. Rs. 415.73 crore has been released. 7,298 bunkers will be constructed in Poonch and Rajouri districts of Kashmir while another 7162 bunkers will be constructed in Jammu, Kathua and Samba districts. A total of 14,460 private and social bunkers were constructed along the Line of Control, International Border. The people of the border villages are concerned about the decision of the government. The Indian government has initiated alert to the Palk Soldiers, who have often been subjected to violation of the ceasefire and the tensions along the border. In the coming days, Pak has every indication that every action will have an answer from the Indian tiger. Analysts say that these actions have taken place in the face of a future war with the country. The civilian casualties of the Indian Army in the process of intimidating terrorists along the border villages and killing them are common. Many are also killed in the Pakistani firing. In addition to fighting this situation and leading to the firing incident between the two soldiers, the construction of large bunkers to prevent damage to the lives of the general public

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