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Rajani is preparing for a lone war

Two things have to be taken to invite Tamil Nadu Rajinikanth into politics. The first is that he can give political stability to that state. Secondly, whether the Dravidian race can be flown. This time it is enough to understand him from these angles, as the Assembly elections are about four and a half years away. If we are to decide for the contest in the Lok Sabha elections in 2019, then we will know that. Rajnikanth said that the Lok Sabha will not decide whether the time frame for the upcoming local bodies elections will be enough. We can not imagine what his decision could be. But if you think of political reasoning, it is right to contest Lok Sabha elections. There are some clarifications for Rajinikanth, Tamil people and observers. His statement that a political party would be put up created an atmosphere in that state. After speculation about whether or not the Party is going to be exhausted, it is finally the weather that he made with the specific statement. In the politics of the once it is formed, there must be enough evidence to stand still. As soon as the party statement and mechanical structure is appropriate, the party's strength is required for such a demonstration in the next election. Party supporters also look forward to enthusiasm. So the strength of proof and the lack of enthusiasm for the people is necessary to keep up with the weakness of the people. Even if local bodies are in the immediate vicinity, the fifteen months of the Lok Sabha is not the lowest. So it is good to prepare for the party building and competition. If you do not use this time, you will have two losses. One, people's enthusiasm, and most importantly, if any of the current parties in the Lok Sabha elections are strong enough, it will replace the current vacuum. This vacuum may not be available to Rajinikanth. Or decrease. Once it happens, then the Assembly elections will have some difficulty for him. To prevent this, the Lok Sabha needs competition. So he has some benefits from another side. He can take advantage of the existing vacuum and the atmosphere created by his statement. If it happens, the situation will become apparent by the assembly. Polarization takes place in voters and parties. Political wisdom and practicality are the only thing that happens so far. Even Tamil people can not wait for four years to see what Rajinikanth is politically. His thoughts and theories are not exactly what the electorate knows. It will also be revealed by the party statement, its manifesto, and others, through other opinions, speeches, and various opinions. However, what happens during the election is important. So, if it happens at the time of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, clearances will come soon. As for other parties, the Tamil Nadu assembly seats are 234 while the Lok Sabha is 39. Rajinikanth said he could contest everything in the assembly. But in general politics is not an inscription. There may be ties to the need. Furthermore, it is logical that if he believes in his statement, he can take the same attitude to the 39 Lok Sabha seats. Then, it is very clear that there is no alliance with other Tamil parties and the two national parties should not be aware of the possibility. Most commonly, people like the heroes prefer a lonely battle. It signals their faith and their faith towards them. Allusions are reminiscent of weakness. At least in the early days, after the battle alone, the fronts may not be objectionable by the circumstances. If there is a lot of examples of that, the first examination of the Lok Sabha elections would mean that if Rajinikanth first wants to give stability to the unstable politics of Tamil Nadu, Similarly, he is also aware that he can fly the Dravidian theoretical flag or follow a different path to some extent. It is necessary to clarify both the long-term culture and the politics, depending on current uncertainty prevailing in Tamil Nadu. Rajinikanth's politics and thoughts are so evident in 2019 that Tamil Nadu needs all the aspects. Let's look at these two aspects in some detail. Analysts are already discussing volatility and stability. The ruling party, Anna DMK Jayalalithaa, has died after the death. There is no strong leadership for any piece. There is no respect for people. Karunanidhi, the warrior of the DMK, is in a state of despair. His successor Stalin is not worth mentioning. The Congress has been weakened. There is no good leadership. The BJP's situation is worse. Among such conditions, a state like Tamil Nadu needs a stabilizing and trustworthy leadership for such a living society. Rajinikanth says that it can be tougher. He spoke about instability and corruption in the state. His intention is to change these conditions. He said that politics can be built so that caste can not be ruled out. The meaning of spirituality he says is that this is an outstanding honest politician. Obviously, this is not a good idea when it comes to detailed announcements or manifesto, even though it's all good. He can not give political stability

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