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Khammam, December 18 ( condition of retired employees serving in the RTC for more than 30 years is getting worse now. The tiredness of the authorities and the management neglected them, and the pension is becoming untrained. Families are struggling with the retirement of a job in the RTC and have not yet been granted pension since the year. While some workers are searching for temporary jobs, others are falling into helplessness which can not do any work. Borrowing to feed the family.
In the RTC, it is difficult for some employees and workers to take a family with salaries to pay off. Their condition has become unmatched because of the unexpected cash withdrawal that comes after the retirement of those conditions. Newcomputing, Bhadrachalam, Maniyur, Khammam, Madhuri, Sathupalli in Khammam region
More than a hundred workers retired in December last year. Even though the year has passed, they have not yet been granted pension. Workers are experiencing difficulties when the retirement workers end up with the terminal payout, terminal leave encashment.
In the public sector organizations and corporations, there are laws that provide benefits and payments to workers as soon as they are retired. In the RTC, there are contradictory conditions. While the workers are entrusted with the details of the benefits to be paid on the day of departure, it is delayed to cover the amount paid. On the other hand, the pension is going to be a year in the sanction. Depot authorities should file the details of the retirement worker and send it to the Hyderabad headquarters. After getting approval from Warangal, the way to the pension distribution is being cleared for the workers. There are no immediate events in the RTC.

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