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Vishal accumulation

Chennai, December 6, ( petition filed by actor Vishal for Rakesh Nagar by the Election Commission has been rejected by the EC. On this occasion, Vishal discontinued his hi-tech account. On the occasion, Amma Jayalalithaa Karthi said ... "On December 5, 2016 Amma (Jayalalithaa) died. Democracy was dead on Dec. 5, 2017, "he tweeted. "First I was hurt when my name was rejected. Reassessing his approval, he announced that the nomination was invalid. This is my tribute to democracy. "There seems to be a big cottage behind Vishal nomination. The first, who rejected the Vishal nomination, was nominated after his interpretation. EC announced that it would not be eligible for a nomination within the hour after Vishal said, "Justice will win". What has happened is that the actress's conspiracy is out of reach. The nominee is required by the candidate for ten votes in the constituency. On this occasion Vishal collected signatures from ten people. In it, Deepak and Sumathi, both signed their signature. The EC nominated has been rejected.

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