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Nithya Menon fascinated steps...

Hyderabad, December 6, ( story is his role in the film. The films are acceptable unless both of them are heroine Nithya Menon. The beauty of the choice of movies is the beauty of this beauty. That's why the actress has gained a good reputation. Recently she acted in Telugu. In the past, it has been said that it does not act in Telugu without getting good opportunities. In this order Nani has agreed to act in the film 'A!'. This film was first released recently. Nithya Menon has also signed up for Sudhirand's upcoming movie Sudhir Varma. The film's opening day was officially announced. But now there are news that Nithya has come out of this project. She says that she has gone from this project due to creative differences. Film Nagar talk is that Nithya made this decision because of the importance of Kajal, another heroine in the film. Whatever the reason, the film producers have given a shocking shock.
Naga Vamsi is producing this film under the banner of Sitara Entertainments. Prashant Pillai is doing music while Diwakar Mani is working as a cinematographer. Recently, Ramanaidu started shooting film in Studios. The hero of the muhurattu scene is striking the knock of the Naga Chaitanya clap. Director Maruti turned the camera on. Now the news of the news is that the regular shooting has begun when it starts regular shooting. And to see who's in the permanent place.

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