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Vijay Mallya facing problems...

Mumbai, December 25, ( Don Vijay Mallya, who is lying in London, has been trapped by thousands of crores of rupees. The fraud case filed against him will be heard on January 4. However, Magistrate Deepak Sherawat was not on trial as he was on vacation. The court asked the court to declare Mallya an Enforcement Directorate (ED) as a declared culprit despite the number of summons issued. "Mallya sent home to the office. Also, advertisements are provided in newspapers. Yet no public response to the public prosecutor NK Matta said. The trial is going to be crucial on January 4. The last of Mallya's last chance is that the court has been told by the court. The court is expected to make it clear as a declared offender on the same day. Non-bailable warrants were issued but the response was over. On April 12, the court issued an open-ended NBW notice on him. On November 4, a nonbibulous warrant was issued. In many cases, the court has to appear personally. Mallya appealed to the court to give her passport in the custody but the authorities wanted to come to India. On July 9, Mallya concluded that there was no exemption for exclusion. On September 9, the court ordered that he be allowed to go to London where he had fled. Eedi alleges that the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act violated funding without the permission of the RBI.

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