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From 'Don' to Darling of Masses: however Dinakaran Outsmarted EPS-OPS, BJP to Clinch Amma's inheritance

Chennai, December 25, ("Will you hear what I even have to mention too?" asked a voice from behind some set vehicles. We stopped. 

"I am a government driver and for the past 2 days, I even have been deputed to drive associate degree agency officer round the RK Nagar body. That officer is associate

degree election observer. I even have ascertained that each one the raids associate degreed alerts that they were acting on were associated with the 'cooker' image

(TTV Dinakaran’s election image as an Independent). Why do not they ever raid different parties, are not the others giving money?" he asked during a subdued voice,

adding, "I have stopped that duty. Do they take America ‘Thevars’ for granted?"

Thevar is that the dominant community to that the Mannargudi family belongs and VK Sasikala, Jaya's shut aide associate degreed Dinakaran's auntie was an cogent voice

within the community United Nations agency feel targeted.

We didn’t pay a lot of heed thereto interview at the time as we tend to we tend tore a lot of focussed as we were a lot of involved with the repercussions of the

Jayalalithaa video.

But before long when the results and also the angry voices that came forth on the count day, it all created a lot of sense.

"It's the money, not masses," same editorialist S Gurumurthy, once asked what diode to TTV's win however is that the sole factor? This one line answer, however,

doesn’t make a case for the margin of over fifty p.c of the one.7 large integer votes polled in RK Nagar.

For some months, there has been associate degree undercurrent within the AIADMK bastion that TTV Dinakaran is being below the belt targeted by several central

agencies. He has two-faced charges of corruption, the wrath of the social control board, raids by the taxation department and had even spent many weeks in jail.

All of those combined, Dinakaran has emerged a hero of types — a hero United Nations agency is willing to face each take a look at 'for his people'. Dinakaran’s

sympathisers see him as a hero United Nations agency will keep his cool beneath the foremost making an attempt circumstances and one United Nations agency sometimes

has a solution for many things.

He works quietly within the background to specialise in obtaining what he desires and a lot of significantly, Dinakaran has emerged because the one United Nations

agency has unbroken team EPS-OPS — despite their BJP support — on their toes along with his taunts, threats and pressure techniques.

"He may be a mass leader as a result of he has been annoyed and targeted time and once more, however he still does not toe the lines of those central agencies.

consider the others, they're thus willing to bow right down to the diktats of the outsiders (hinting at the BJP) United Nations agency need to intervene within the

affairs of our state," reasoned a TTV supporter at the RK Nagar count centre.

Another lady United Nations agency had return to the count centre had similar thoughts. "We do not know if he's actuality heir to Amma, however he's thus jocund all

the time, even within the face of adversities," she said.

Is TTV's conclusion a lot of of a rejection of the BJP and also the EPS and Ops mix, instead of a vote for TTV himself? however did somebody, United Nations agency was

till yesterday the 'Mannargudi mafia' (as the family has been infamously known) become the person of the instant, a darling of the masses?

Dinakaran himself believes this is often a vote on the EPS-OPS-led AIADMK government. "People standing up against the interference of a number of the national parties

in province could also be one amongst the factors, however the most reason behind the result's that the folks desires this government to lose," he told News18 when the


"When winning is that the solely aim, the trail that one takes hardly matters, and by all counts, TTV's playbook had all the proper ways. The DMK's unexplained

neutrality in political campaign, TTV's high voltage, aggressive campaign difficult the central and state governments helped him vastly. This was no free and honest

poll rather a fighting poll within which the sole rule wasn't to induce caught. And TTV accomplished this in nice vogue," says political analyst and senior journalist

RK philosopher.

He single-handed took on 2 of the most important regional parties head-on associate degreed emerged triumphant during a historic win -- ne'er before has an freelance

won a by-poll. Also, ne'er before has the DMK lost its deposit in associate degree election in metropolis town since 1967.

Political analyst Sumanth Raman points at however Dinakaran comes across as a cool client.

"He comes across per se a cool person -- thus calm and composed, conscious of the media. He has been subjected to tremendous pressure. once there tax raids being

conducted across 131 places connected to his family, he was seen smiling at a gau-puja reception. folks were affected by his calm manner," Raman says.

Raman feels Dinakaran gained plenty of sympathy when being hounded by the central agencies and it did influence the voters. Money, of course, was an element, however

the anti-incumbency was an excellent larger issue.

Moreover, province has been dominated by regional parties for many years – the state’s voters do not simply endorse a national party. So, once the overwhelming feeling

was that there was a 'betrayal' of the Tamilian's interests by the EPS-OPS camp, the support visited TTV.

"I suppose he has the standard of being decisive which has endeared him to the elector -- each ounce of logic same he shouldn't contest as a result of if he would lose

badly, his career as a political candidate would be finished. however he took that probability, a bit like Jayalalithaa herself. Once a choice is taken, it's taken. He

showed tremendous guts to even contest this election, as this might have concluded his political career," points out Raman.

This election establishes Dinakaran firmly within the province Assembly -- so, the primary from the Mannargudi family to be thus. however that is not all. He already

claims to possess the support of eighteen MLAs, and "many a lot of cell MLAs," as he calls them -- MLAs United Nations agency ar within the EPS-OPS camp, however loyal

to him instead.

These ar MLAs United Nations agency ar simply over a year and a 0.5 recent within the province Assembly. they're in power and may rule until 2021. Hints of instability

may well bring them nearer to every different -- in any case, United Nations agency desires to lose power a lot of sooner than time after you don't seem to be positive

if the Amma whole can take you thru a mid-term election that will be forced upon you.

Both factions -- the incorporated EPS-OPS camp and also the TTV camp -- don't seem to be antipathetic to a merger of all camps and going back to the recent AIADMK,

wherever TTV had bigger say in party affairs.

This has been indicated even by the conciliatory gestures of some TTV camp leaders United Nations agency spoke out on Sunday. They same that EPS and Ops should not be

pessimistic by their defeat as in any case, they were members of a family at one purpose. whether or not such a mix is feasible and the way uneasy it may be, is

anybody’s guess.

However, the AIADMK is actually cautious of the facility that Dinakaran wields over its party cadre and supporters and would need to create peace with him, instead of

permitting the instability that Dinakaran guarantees to herald.

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