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Venkiah ... how much work....

Delhi, December 6, ( some parts of Telugu States, the party has become a cadre for the parties in Kunt and other parties. Opposition parties in the two states became a desert. The Chairman of the Rajya Sabha in this situation once again raised the national level discussion. Rajya Sabha chairman Venkaiah Naidu canceled the membership of Sharad Yadav and Anwar Ali, as it was written by Nitish Kumar to revoke their anti-party activities and to repeal their Rajya Sabha membership. Besides asking for explanation, they have been separated from each other. Why do not you act against any of the complaints from our two states on anti-party activities? Is now debatable. The truth is that Rajya Sabha membership is by MLAs, MPs, MLCs, or by nominating the government. They can not be contradicted by the party and it can not be contradicted by the party ... Sharad Yadav and Anwar ... Both have opposed their party's decision and have not defected to a different party but are in favor of rival parties. Nitish Kumar complains against them. Venkaiya, who responded to it, disqualified them. The CPM leader Seetharam Yechury is being blamed for the same reasons why the MPs have been in the Lok Sabha for many years. If you take from Telangana state ... Malla Reddy, Gutta Sukendar Reddy ... SPP Reddy, Newpally Gita, Renuka ... In the MPs why the Speaker did not respond to the complaints of the MPs? In Telangana, the Congress and AP are demanding the disqualification of them for years .... Nevertheless, there is no action. That is why Venkayya's decision to start fresh criticisms of the Congress and its rival party is that it does not bother the gutta and is not looking for ally in AP.

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