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Varma is making another controversy...

Hyderabad, December 14, ( Gopal Varma, who has become a habit of hitting the news with hot hits, is now going to be busy with Nagarjuna's film. RJV has now come back to the news as it is not due to his being. What is a web series? The subject was changed to a hot topic with the selected line. Varma's latest announcement is that the web series will be screened on the history of Rayalaseema Red. One of them is out. It is said that this film is titled 'Kadapa'. In this case, he wrote a fax book in the name of RJV. It's like ... "Kadapa-Rayalaseema Reds History" is the mystery of my goodness behind the Web series ... The only reason why I come to digital world is to tell me that I do not want to tell you that I do not want to tell you the stories. The first Telugu International Web series I have been conducting "Kadapa" after the Guns and Thais Series I produced in the Mumbai Mafia Background for the whole world audience in this background is a karif address for the varied man nazes, such as honey, blood, dominance, The title was inspired by the area. This is the story of "Kadapa" story from many former fascists, their victims, their relatives, and those who worked with me from the history of blood, Some idiots think that they have been dealt with in a bloody history Chu. But it's only 5% true. That's because I have shown the truth in the history of blood. I have not been able to show the original Rayalaseema body completely because of the fact that I do not know the facts of the inlet,

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