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Google is the first step in India in Andhra Pradesh

Vijayawada, December 15, ( Pradesh IT Minister Nara Lokesh is traveling to America. The aim of the flood of investments to Navya Pradesh is to discuss with the representatives of several companies. Andhra Pradesh IT department officials and Google Export CEO Astro Teller. As part of this agreement, Google will launch the development center in Andhra Pradesh. Google Export Company has not expanded its activities in other countries except in the US. But now, after the talks with Minister Lokesh, the company is coming to Nagarri. It can be considered pride of the folks.
Minister Nara Lokesh expressed happiness about Google X to set up Google Earth Development Center in Visakhapatnam soon. Google X Development Center has been developed aimed at developing advanced technology. Nara Lokesh.Wemo has developed technologies such as Driverless Car, Advanced Google Glasses, Project Lun (Internet Access by Balloons). Research in advanced technology will be done at the Center to be set up in Andhra Pradesh. It is also possible to set up 2,000 free space optical communication (EXSAC FSOC) links in 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh as part of a deal with the development of Google External Fiber Grid. As a result, mobile data and WiFi services will be available without the need for fiber cable. Not only that ... Free Space Optical Communication is the fastest broadband network available for rural areas. Broadband networks are available to people at the lowest price through free space optical communication links. Minister Nara Lokesh said, "Andhra Pradesh will have revolutionary changes in communication with Google. The target is to cover 1.45 crore houses, 12,918 panchayats, 60,000 schools, more than 10,000 government offices, 670 mandal offices, 96 municipalities, 14 corporations and six thousand primary health centers through AP Fiber Grid. At 23 phase 800 Cable Network is set up. In the second phase, we aim to set up 59,000 563 km underground cable network. It will use Google's free space optical communication links. Through this, 1300 schools, 1500 public offices, over 1 lakh homes and 18,000 cc cameras have been already connected through AP Fiber. All the hospitals, film theaters, data centers and broadcasts are also covered under the Telco towers in the state. AP Fiber services will be made available to the public through the establishment of the IPTV specialty app. We're trying to bring the certificate certified. We are inquiring about the welfare practices implemented by the government through Real Time Governance. Nara Lokesh said, "We are going to provide many people with fiber grid. The debate on the first day Lokesh's debate is good news.

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