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The ongoing Modi, Shah jaitrayatra...

( is the state where the BJP has been fighting for 22 years. Many people think that the BJP will not revolve in the state where the Gujarat model has been promoted by the PM. But when the Gujarat election campaign started, the situation did not. The Congress has begun campaigning. The BJP is in the clear majority in the assembly polls in the Himachal Pradesh Assembly. The magic figure that has the power to take power in the lead has also crossed. In fact, the Opposition BJP came to power. The official announcement is to come only. The Kamal Nathas were overwhelmed with joy because of their party's majority. As the Exit Polls said, the BJP split in Himachal Pradesh. A total of 68 seats are in the state with 35 seats in the state. Opposition BJP is already in lead in over 40 seats. The ruling Congress is leading in 22 seats. Others are leading in 3 seats. The opposition in the election this week has had a profound effect on the padist movement leader Harik Patel, who started campaigning against the BJP. On the other hand, Dalit leader Jignesh Mewani and OBC leader Alpesh Thakur started the thirteen attack on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for another five years. The BJP has succeeded to come to power for six consecutive terms. The reason for this is that only one again. Everything is going to be the Prime Minister of India and Modi led the BJP. Modi, who focused primarily on four issues, has another big win for the BJP. At the beginning of the campaign, Modi was in the process of naturally developing development. I was trying to make Gujarat the model of Gujarat model. On the other hand, Congress has begun campaigning against the Gujarat model of development. Suit Boot Sarkar was criticized by the Congress for its predominantly middle class and weaker sections. Roads, cultivation, drinking water, law and order, power supply, educational development, industrialization etc. Explained the development model of the BJP on each sector. In addition, there is also the opinion that the NDA government's dissolution of banknotes and the loss of GST through the GST decisions. In such a situation, the BJP did not succeed in winning the victory. Saying that we will win 150 seats in the top. Even now there are less than 115 seats in 2012. It is true that the economic policies of the GST, the cancellation of notes, But Modi's campaign was to make it even more favorable in the Gujarat elections. He has made these very difficult decisions as a result of the decline of corruption, and Modi has succeeded in reaching out to his claim that these fruits were common in the long run. Modi has been able to reduce his opposition to these two decisions with some of his speech. Obviously, Modi once again used his campaign to make a sharp axion of Hindutva at the right time. When Congress president Rahul Gandhi's appointment was justified, Modi began campaigning for Aurangzeb. The Congress has been campaigning as a Muslim state. Kapil Sibal's comments on Ayodhya and the election were favorable. Rama Mandir began to say that the Congress is intercepting. The highlight of Modi's campaign is that the Congress has hit hands with Pakistan to defeat him in Gujarat. It was able to create a kind of sympathy for him in the voters. Finally, Congress leader Manishankar Iyer indirectly helped Modi. Nehti made his Aadmi commentary as a mainstay and he left the Congress again. The Congress claimed that he was insulting a low race. In a public rally but for a minute, the Congress and other members of the party have long talked to me. To the whole .. believe me .. Will you stand up to me when everyone is against you? If I'm not sitting in Delhi, who will do your work? Gujarat voters responded to Modi's questions whether or not they would support me during this period. Another five years of BJP rule has been okay. The BJP has stunned the ruling Congress, which has failed to overcome public opposition. It has attracted some leaders from the Congress. The ruling party leaders in key areas have joined the BJP and the Congress has become minus. In the 2012 elections, the Congress won 36 seats. The figure then fell to 35. Kamaladalam bagged 26 positions and got the number 28 in the long run. In 2014 Lok Sabha polls, the BJP has put all four of the state in its account. During the election, many Congress leaders and activists joined the BJP. Thus the Congress weakened in the areas where it holds. The Congress Vote share was heavily influenced by those who were crucial in the elections to join the Opposition. In total, the BJP has suppressed the ruling Congress in Himachal Pradesh with its own strategies. The constituencies also led to the Congress defeat in Himachal Pradesh. The illegal assets case against Chief Minister Veerabhadra Singh is a voting stream.

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