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BJP is again in Gujarat...

Gandhinagar, December 18, ( BJP won in Gujarat. Kamal is leading in more than 100 seats. In the last moment, there is no chance of changing the resulting pattern. The Kamal party will form the government with a clear majority in the fight with Hora Hori. Despite the confidence of the party in this matter, the results were some tension. In the results of the Gujarat assembly elections, the lotus broke up between the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party. At one point, the Congress had a slight margin, but was back again. Everyone thought that the role of reservation of patels in this election would play a key role. The impact of the election will be felt as Patidar Anamat Anilat Samiti, headed by Harartik Patel, supported the Congress. But the BJP continues to be in the constituencies that are dominated by the Patels. Violence took place in Patel Reservation Movement in Kamraj, Varcha, Kataragama, Karachi, Olpad and North Surat in Surat district. Even the BJP candidates' campaigns were blocked by the Pattidar Anamatna Anxiety set. Saurashtra, which has a dominant majority, has 42 assembly constituencies, while BJP 22 and Congress have won 19 seats. According to the latest announcement of the Election Commission, the BJP has crossed the magic figure. In the 105 seats, the BJP is leading in 75 seats, while the Nationalist Congress and the two are leading the Indian Tribal Party and Independents. In the 33 districts of Gujarat, BJP has 14 and Congress has 13 majorities. In another six districts, the Harihari had a fight with the Congress party in the Arley Trends and the Bharatiya Janata Party. Particularly, the BJP's chief ministers also seemed to be dismayed, and the BJP became anxious and anxiety for the BJP. But ultimately the BJP is getting comfort. Opportunity to establish a government with a clear majority. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, who has gone out in the fight for votes, has won. The shape of the game with a margin of nearly 4,700 votes. He won from Rajkot West. In the first round, the Congress candidate won almost a thousand votes and the BJP chief was scared. But in the end, the rupee has survived with a slight majority.

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