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Raised responsibility: Laxman

Hyderabad, December 18, ( Laxman, president of the Telangana state BJP, said that in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections, the party has increased its commitment. Talking to the media on Monday, He said Patel's influence in Gujarat elections is nominal. The Himachal Pradesh Formula was announced in Telangana in 2019.
On the other hand, BJP leaders are celebrating leaders in BJP state headquarters in Vijayawada on BJP victories. Toys were celebrated and celebrated with triumph. The event will be attended by Thani Manikya Rao and MLC Somu Veerraju. Someone feels that the BJP loses, saying, "Somai viraraju said. The Congress has always tried to succeed and even tried to provoke caste. But he said, "People believe that they are the people. Minister Manikya Rao said that the success of the advance in the country is the success. The Congress party was surprised but assured by the people that the BJP had more seats.

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