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The Muslim countries that are trampling on the trump...

New York December 8, ( trump of restrictions on the five Muslim countries now makes the decision of Jerusalem to make a decision. The announcement by US President Donald Trump is tearing up across the globe that Tel Aviv, as Israel's capital, will be replaced by Jerusalem. The US embassy in Tel Aviv will be moved to Jerusalem. That is what Israel and Palestine have been striking about. Millions of people died. The trump's decision now seems like it's too much to criticize. Bush, Clinton, and Obama were unable to trump the work. Trump says he has fulfilled one of the election promises. Opposition from several Arab countries is expressed in Trump's decision. Jerusalem is the center of three great religions (Muslims, Christians, and Jews). The people of Israel built the nation of Jews, Muslims and Christians living together. The Trump said that the United States was committed to helping the Israeli-Palestinian state to endorse peace agreements to both sides. Saudi King Salman and Egyptian President Al-Cisi blamed Trump's decision. They say trump action will spill the sentiments of Muslims. This will affect the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, along with Palestinian President Abbas, spoke before the heads of Jordan, Saudi and Egypt. They made the trump announcement. Christians, Armenians In a region, Muslims in another area, the Jews are in another place. Overall, there is growing opposition in their respective countries.

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