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Chandrababu Telly Conference with ministers...

Amaravati, December 8, ( Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu said all the promises made by the Assembly on the issue were peaceful. He held the teleconference with the ministers on Friday on the Polavaram issue. Polavaram project development, expenditure and other issues are described in the assembly, he said. Chandrababu said that the construction progress and calculation details are described in the Assembly and transparently on the issue. Chandrababu explained that Union Minister Gadkari had clearly stated that Polavaram would be completed within the deadline. Chandrababu said that the letter written by the authorities has caused some confusion, and the Center responded quickly and corrected the problem. Chandra Babu ordered the details of the ministers and party leaders to explain the details.
Janasana's chief Pavan Kalyan said that the white paper on the issue should be released and Chandrababu responded that all his promises to the polls were peaceful. It should be considered white. Chandrababu said that every amount of money is to be transparent.

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